FBI Inspector Cowles has his hands full after discovering a mysterious installation deep beneath the streets of Washington. The resulting perilous adventure stretches from vast subterranean bunkers to the far edges of the universe and beyond!
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Jonathon Farmer's Parents Have Vanished!

The last day of school is finally over, and Jonathon Farmer arrives home to discover that his parents have mysteriously disappeared. His only clues to their whereabouts are a large circular hole torn in the side of his house, and a strange device resembling a stopwatch called a finder. With the help of his best friend, Samantha Towning, and his reclusive grandfather, Merle Candlestack, Jonathon explores a world of secret councils, strange creatures, and mysterious powers in search of his parents.

The Adventures of Jonathon Farmer:
Journey to the 
Middle of the Magic

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