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We live in exhilarating times, for humanity is on the verge of reaping the benefits of cutting edge science, especially from nanotechnology, gravitics, and longevity.  If membrane theory is correct, we could shortly have access to the multiverse itself.  In the midst of this excitement, large portions of the Science Fiction community intentionally ignore these developments and what they will mean to our future.  They have turned inward to re-invent histories or retell tales set in models long outmoded and divorced from our impending reality.

MVP Publishing is not satisfied to simply rearrange the furniture in the Science Fiction museum. We will boldy press forward through works of Science Fiction, Magic Realism, and Fantasy to publish fiction that will inspire, challenge, and illuminate you.  We intend to bring you stories of our potential futures, with all of their nightmares and dystopias, dreams and utopias, tales of action and stories of quiet conviction. In short, we propose to focus on the purpose of all literature: to put the human condition into perspective.

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Northwest author, editor, and publisher, Elton's latest projects include co-author of the novels PRINCE OF EUROPE and BISHOP OF ROME and the short fiction piece A Quantum Field of Ghosts and Shadows.  His a short story, Space Aliens Taught My Dog to Knit, (written with Jerry Oltion) appeared in Analog.  A former editor and publisher of Science Fiction Review, his mass market anthology NANODREAMS (Baen Books, 1995) was reviewed in Scientific American (April 1996).
MVP Editor Elton Elliott
MVP Publisher Doug Odell
Former Managing Editor of Science Fiction Review,  co-author of PRINCE OF EUROPE, BISHOP OF ROME,  and the short fiction piece A Quantum Field of Ghosts and Shadows 

Doug is happily married and the stay at home father for two delightful daughters.
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