Dear Jonathon,

        If you're reading this letter, then something terrible has happened, and Miss Holloway has decided things are bad enough to deliver this to you. Sorry about the invisible ink, but I had to make sure that only you would get this note. There is a box in the house you must retreive. It's hidden in the big red stone in the fireplace. You'll have to use a hammer to break the stone loose and get the box. Please be careful and don't let anyone see you retrieve the box. I was hoping this day would never happen, but it has, and now you are in grave danger.... 
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Excerpt from:   The Adventures of Jonathon Farmer
Journey to the Middle of the Magic
    "Let me see!" Samantha said. She tried to take the letter from Jonathon, but he kept it out of her reach."What's wrong with you?"
  Jonathon gave her a serious stare that made her immediately stop trying to grab the paper away.
     "It's something really bad, isn't it?"
    Jonathon didn't answer. He eyed the letter again and then looked at Samantha."Sam, if I show you this letter, you'll have to promise me you won't tell another living soul about what this says."
       Samantha hesitated for a moment. "Uh--sure, I promise."
    "I mean it, Sam. If I show you this letter, it means you're involved in this. It means you've got to help me and not tell anyone--not your parents, not your brothers, and not your sister. You can't tell anyone. Do you understand?
    This last remark had Sam hooked. "I cross my heart and hope to die!"
    "All right."
    Jonathon handed the letter to Sam. As she read ir, her eyes grew big...