Sweat broke out on Voroshilov’s brow. “Am I to be eliminated?”
     “No. The very situation saves your insignificant life. If we should appoint a new ambassador now, the Americans may extrapolate the extent of this operation. That cannot be allowed. You must leave this room at once. It is extremely dangerous for you to be here. Return to your office as quickly as you can.”
    Suddenly an alarm sounded in the background. “There is an intruder. Go! You must not be found here.”
   The ambassador ran out of the chamber. He hurriedly made his way along the catwalk and through the door of the outer vault. The vault’s door clanged closed, and yellow lights flashed, announcing the activation of the automatic defense system. Fearful for his life, Voroshilov leaped through the elevator doors. Motion detectors swiveled the machine guns toward him. The ambassador frantically punched the CLOSE DOORS button.
    The guns fired. A double row of dents snaked across the just-closed doors. The elevator shuddered, then slowly headed upward.
    When the elevator doors opened the ambassador leaped into his office. He could hear gunfire and people yelling in the hallway outside. He rushed to the wall mural while the floor panel slid into place. He flipped a hidden switch. A loud BOOM! echoed at the ambassador’s feet as pre-set explosives blasted away all traces of the secret elevator to his office.
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    Perspiring profusely, the ambassador slumped into his desk chair. Just then a squad of men dressed in olive drab burst through the door.
    “All right ambassador, down on the floor, spread eagle. Come on—move!”
    “This is an outrage!” the ambassador cried. “Leave at once this is sovereign Russian territory!”
      The commandos ignored his protestations and bound his hands and feet.
     In another part of the building a man in a green military uniform walked along a wall striking it with the butt of his gun. At one point he heard a hollow sound.
   “Here it is boys!” the man shouted, “Just like in the blueprints.” An explosives expert taped a bundle to the wall. The commando squad ran back down the corridor, unwinding a spool of wire behind them. They rounded a corner and sheltered behind an overturned table.
      “Hit it!” their leader commanded 
    The blast scattered plaster and debris everywhere. The squad charged forward. They secured ropes down the gaping hole in the wall, and six heavily armed men lowered themselves down into the exposed elevator shaft.